2 Old N Naz D

by Biff Thuringer

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Biff Thuringer began his long and checkered career in the wilds of Albany, NY in the 1970s, where he developed a rabid local following as a moonlighting state worker. In an interim incarnation, he relocated to NYC and joined the band Milo Z as its keyboardist and co-songwriter, adopting the moniker "Steve 'Daddy Eyes' Hopkins." The band signed with Mercury and toured with the Neville Brothers for a couple of years in the mid-90s before crapping out. Now Biff has returned with an all-iPhone album of retroactive music that probably should have come out at least 30 years ago, but what the hell.


released March 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Biff Thuringer Pleasant Valley, New York

Steve Hopkins, aka Biff Thuringer, is a performing and recording artist. In the 1990s he was with the New York City-based funk band Milo Z, which had a record deal with Mercury/Polygram. They were headlining club dates in the city between tours opening for the Neville Brothers, Al Green, The Meters and others. Their manager, David Sonnenberg, managed The Fugees, Black-Eyed Peas and Joan Osborne. ... more

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Track Name: Devil's Cry
A man can dig ditches
A man can sell insurance
A man can wear some brown on his nose
A man can get a haircut and put on a blue suit
And he can wonder if his attitude shows
He can dream about the future but he won't get far
Without a personal invitation
From the demon at the center of his desperate heart
If you listen you can hear him cry:

Now you can be a poor man and suffer in your hungry world
Dangle at the end of your chain
Or you can be a rich man wanted by a million girls
Drowning in a sea of cocaine
Now I can see that your a winner, so I'll make you a deal
(For) the power that my influence buys
'Cause buddy nothing gives a a winner any bigger thrill
Than dejection in a loser's eyes

Well, a man can get angry
A man can get religious
A man can stick his thumb out and run
A man can try for office and pretend that he's good
Or he can get the same respect with a gun
He can try to understand it, but he won't know why
Without an intimate conversation
With the demon at the center of his two-faced heart
Come on and listen to the devil cry:

Now you can be a weak man and whine about your pitiful life
Hang there like a doll on a string
Or you can be a strong man, sharper than a steel-blade knife
Riding in a stretch limousine
Now you can say it won't affect you, but you know that it will
The power that my influence buys
'Cause buddy, nothing gives a player any bigger thrill
Than desire in a young girl's eyes

Now a man can get married
A man can play the horses
A man can be a government spy
A man can go crazy, or pretend that he's dumb
Or he can jump into the river and die
He can pray to Baby Jesus on his big white cloud
For a miracle or a favor
While the demon leaves a message in his broken heart
If you listen, you can hear him cry:

Yeah, you can be a small man and dream about a different world
Save up for your summer vacation
Or you can be a real, live hero of a million girls
Buy up all the TV stations
Now you can say it doesn't matter, but you know that it will
I'm telling you the reason why
'Cause buddy, nothing gives the devil any bigger thrill
Than some evil in a young man's eyes
Track Name: Running Out
Run out of cash
Run out of hot dogs
Run out of cigarettes, wine and beer
Run out of time
Run out of patience
Run out of hope for my career
Run out of soap
Run out of toothpaste
Run out of little things to please you, dear
There's almost nothin' left for me to lose
I couldn't deal with any more bad news
So now I'm puttin' on my running shoes
And running out on you

Well. I can't believe I'll soon be leaving
The only woman that I dream about
That's just what happens when you start believing
That your love has all run out

Run out of chips
Run out of popcorn
Run out of peanuts and 3 musketeers
Run out of lies
Run out of chances
To keep the woman that I love so dear
Out of my mind to keep on thinkin'
That there's anything to hold me here
There's almost nothin' left for me to lose
I couldn't deal with any more bad news
So now I'm puttin' on my running shoes
And running out on you