Peace of Mind

by Biff Thuringer

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This song has been percolating full-blown in my head for almost 40 years. As with many of my lost jazz tunes, I've tinkered with it on piano but never played it live or recorded it until now. I have my recently deceased sister Lynn to thank for both the inspiration and the opportunity to do something with it, and doubt that she'll mind if I'm dedicating it to her. She died of a brain-wasting disease called CJD, which is basically Mad Cow, no matter what the CDC or the AMA says. It was a terrible way to go, especially for someone who considered herself a spiritualist and healer. Anyway, I'd been trying to get the song done on GarageBand with the Korg M1 but the old dog's limited sound bank wasn't cutting it. Then (last week, as of this writing) my 84-year-old mom showed up with Lynn's Yamaha keyboard, saying it's mine. While not particularly road-worthy, it happens to be loaded with jazzerific sound patches that are ok if you're careful not to overplay. I was able to knock the song out in a day, frustration over. Ironically, it's called "Peace of Mind," and pretty much fits lyrically and thematically with Lynn's strange, bittersweet story. It's probably more fun while listening to it to turn up the bass and ignore all the baggage I've just saddled it with. Enjoy!.


All I want is some peace of mind
There's a wildfire in my eyes
I've been held here for a while
Voices screaming at me from the sky
Change your mind, they say
You're never gonna make it that way
Feel the clouds
Tear up your soul, out loud
Shout that you're whole, out loud
See what they say
Ride the sun
home in the morning light
Live free, and then you might
make it someday
All I want is some peace of mind
There's a wildfire in my eyes


released June 10, 2013
Biff Thuringer sings and plays electronically sampled semblances of drums, upright bass, piano, flute and tenor sax, all on the Yamaha Digital Grand and recorded into GarageBand on an iPhone.



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Biff Thuringer Pleasant Valley, New York

Steve Hopkins, aka Biff Thuringer, is a performing and recording artist. In the 1990s he was with the New York City-based funk band Milo Z, which had a record deal with Mercury/Polygram. They were headlining club dates in the city between tours opening for the Neville Brothers, Al Green, The Meters and others. Their manager, David Sonnenberg, managed The Fugees, Black-Eyed Peas and Joan Osborne. ... more

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